Feb 3, 2017

Shabbos Reminders

Someone told me that she woke up in the middle of the night, Friday night.  She was more asleep than awake and not realizing it was Shabbos, shut two lights and unplugged the crock pot.

To me, this was a very sad story.  I asked, were there no visual signs that it was Shabbos? No tablecloth on the kitchen table?

There is no table in her kitchen so no, no tablecloth there.

If I walked out the door of my bedroom, I would immediately see it is Shabbos because of the layout of my house and the visible signs of Shabbos, but it led me to thinking, what physical indications are there, that it is Shabbos, in every room?

Well, every light switch has a cover. So every room has a physical sign that it is Shabbos.  And the dining room and kitchen have Shabbos tablecloths and the kitchen has a blech on the stove.  Apparently, a crock pot, which is often used on weekdays too, was not an indication to her that it was Shabbos.

Seems to me that since we are not on the level of the Ruzhiner tzaddik as a little boy, who knew it was Shabbos from the change in the appearance of the sky, that every room should have a physical indication that it is Shabbos.  Light switch covers and, if necessary, a Shabbos sign.

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  1. In addition to what you write a simple indication would be if every room of the house should be simply a whole lot tidier and cleaner before Shabbos. But that would only work if one's housekeeping during the week is imperfect.