Jun 2, 2015

Seeds and Sprouts

The cover of the book gives no hint as to the contents.  Under the title it says, "True stories of inner work, inner growth and inner joy."  It turns out, the book is a publication of Bnos Melachim, an organization that promotes tznius in numerous ways.

I was impressed when I read in the introduction that each story was well researched and the facts verified with each protagonist, and that certain stories were omitted because they could not authenticate the information.

Each story highlights a different aspect of tznius under one of six themes: long life and protection, children, health, parnassa, shidduchim-shalom bayis, spiritual success.  In each case, when the person undertook a commitment of an upgrade in tznius, they experienced bracha in their life, whether a miracle or a yeshua. 

They openly address the fact that there are people who have done the same thing and did not see a heavenly response, and people who have always been modest and yet have difficulties or tragedies in their lives.

They say the book is meant to inspire and not to promise miracles, and in any case, it is not our place to draw direct correlations between our actions and events (though the Gemara tells us to examine our deeds when we experience suffering).  Though I think it's somewhat disingenuous to say that when most stories have an amazing connection between an upgrade in tznius (it is usually not a commitment to the basic halacha) and a distressing life situation.

They conclude by cautioning the reader that these stories do not guarantee that any particular commitment will result in a yeshua.

All in all, an inspirational book, though it would be improved with some editing.


  1. I just read an article about a book of miracle stories that happened to people who turned around bad financial situations by giving 20% to tzedukah, even when it appeared that they did not have the means to do that. Obviously, there are times when Hashem demands more from us than we believe we are capable of.

  2. Where is the article printed and what's the name of the book?

  3. The book is called Dininidends by Zvi Sand and it is free by emailing ilana.ganeydavid@gmai.com. They ask that you give 50 NIS or $10 to tzedukah as your first investment in Dininidends. This article is a feature in the May 29, 2015 Jewish Press Olam magazine (page 7), called Dinine Dividends.