Jul 10, 2014

Who We Heal

 219,464 Palestinian patients received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals during 2012 – 21,270 of them children.

News item:

While Hamas terrorists continued to hurl rockets and missiles at Israel, including the city of Haifa, Rambam Medical Center is now treating 20 Palestinians, including eight children from Gaza.

I don't recall reading that the Allies in World War II regularly treated Germans, Italians, and Japanese in their hospitals, children or otherwise, but Israel does treat those who seek to annihilate us.

News item:

"One of Israel’s top pediatric surgeons says he may have had enough. “…the situation has really become intolerable,” admits Dr. David Mishali, who heads the International Congenital Heart Center at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.  And his role operating on, among others, ailing Palestinians, while his son is a schoolmate of one of those abducted, only highlights and exacerbates the tragic complexity of life in the Jewish state.

“This morning, I’m depressed. I’m really depressed to have to go in to work,” he replies, quietly.
“I’m fed up with it,” he says. “I’ve had it with being a ‘bleeding heart’ that always aids the needy,” he reveals.

Depressing indeed, to heal our enemies.  Chazal say, "Those who have mercy when they should be cruel, will be cruel when they should have mercy."  We see this in Israel time and again.

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