Jul 28, 2014

We Don't Know Anything

Because the boys were kidnapped, 
raids were conducted.
Because raids were conducted and terrorists arrested,
more rockets and mortars than usual were launched at Israel.
Israel puts up with only a certain amount of missiles landing in its country;
if the enemy sends too many, they finally react with bombing missions.
That led to more rockets being sent from Gaza,
which led to more Israeli bombing missions,
which led to the current war.

If not for the current war and the destruction of terrorists' tunnels,
supposedly there would have been enormous, multiple terrorist attacks Rosh Hashana time.  This according to "anonymous sources in the Israeli security services."

At this point though, I am skeptical.  I find it hard to believe that with Israel's intelligence they had no knowledge of the tunnels leading into Israel.  Anonymous sources cited in a news item do not inspire confidence.  Then again, even named sources do not inspire confidence.

Because they lie to the public, I find myself believing indisputable facts such as the burial of the three boys.  But if the media tells me what the authorities believe, that might only be what they want us to believe. 

After terrors attacks occur, there is no arguing that they happened.  But before terror attacks are perpetrated, I am not convinced that they would have been carried out.  Maybe yes, maybe not.

This applies not only to Israel.  As someone summed up the news to me, we only know that something is going on somewhere, for example, Ukraine, Syria.  But what exactly is going on and what is going on behind the scenes, we have no idea.

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