Apr 28, 2014

Get a Learning Partner!

Minutes after I finished learning with my Partners in Torah, I got a call from the organization, Partners in Torah.  The caller wanted to know if we've been learning.  We just learned! I said.

I asked whether we have a record for longest, consistent learning, since 2000.  The woman said there is a pair learning for 18 years, since Partners in Torah came into existence.  So we are runners-up.

I bring this up to urge you - get a partner in Torah, whether from this organization or something comparable or just on your own.  The idea is to teach someone once a week on a topic of their choice for up to an hour at a time. 

You think you don't know enough? You do! For the right person.  They will match you with someone suitable.  There are people out there who know very little.  Compared to them, you are a scholar! You can check out Partners in Torah at their website. 

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