Apr 4, 2013

The Importance of the Home

* Dr. Meir Wikler, noted frum psychotherapist in Brooklyn, believes so strongly in the influence of the relationship between parent and child on religious observance that he says he had never seen, met, or heard of someone who grew up in an Orthodox home who became non-Orthodox and had warm, close intimate relationships with their parents.

* I heard Dov Brezak ("Chinuch For Turbulent Times") quote Rav Shteinman as saying that unlike other mitzvos, peru u'revu for example, where you are not responsible for outcome, when it comes to chinuch - outcome is what it's all about.  Quite an astonishing quote in a time when not taking responsibility is the norm.

* Rabbi Noach Orloweck noted that no single factor is as important to a child's development as the influence of his or her parents.

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