Mar 14, 2013

It's about Emotions, not Ideals

Mishpacha magazine had an interview with Rabbi Asher Weiss, a famous Av beis din in Yerushalayim, originally from America, and a popular magid shiur.  One of the questions he was asked was:

Is it possible to identify one main reason for the phenomenon of kids drifting away from Yiddishkeit?

His answer:

"The real antidote to this phenomenon must be administered in the home. By this I mean that the parents must create an atmosphere of joy and warmth in the home.

"Today, our children aren't leaving the proper path because their ideals have changed. We are not an "ideals" generation. Our children aren't leaving because of doubts or emuna questions either. They are leaving because they are not happy - not at yeshiva, and not at home. They think they might be able to find happiness somewhere else.

"... Parents must load their children with joyous experiences in everything related to Torah and mitzvos."

This is why I am not convinced that the Ani Maamim foundation and and Project Chazon are The Answer to kids disenchantment with Yiddishkeit.  The Ani Maamin foundation believes that when people have answers to emuna questions, they will live a passionate Yiddishkeit.  Why would intellectual answers generate a passionate commitment? There are many things that we know that do not translate into excitement in our lives.

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