Mar 13, 2013

Beautiful Parenting

In the book, "Holy Woman" by Rigler (see this post: here) it tells of Rebbetzin Kramer raising an adopted daughter Miriam.

It says:

"Miriam loved her mother but she idolized her father. His gentle, soothing manner made the little girl want to emulate him in everything. She needed no persuading or reminding to fulfill religious obligations such as washing hands for netilas yodayim, saying brachos, or davening. Whatever Tatty did, that's what she wanted to do.

"The endemic hand-wringing among religious parents desperate for ways to convince/cajole/ compel their reluctant children to fulfill religious obligations could learn much from Yaakov Moshe's (Rabbi Kramer) child-rearing technique.

"His unwavering love, gentleness, and encouragement were an adhesive that bonded his daughter to him so thoroughly that she replicated his every movement ... 'I wanted to follow his chumras [stringencies],' she said."

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