Apr 5, 2017

Some Answers 2

Answer 4:

Remembrance of who we are as a people and a nation.
Our essential connection to Hashem.. who rules the world
And... it takes work to leave one's personal Mitzrayim 

Answer 5:

I think the main message or event of Pesach is that we prepare very carefully and attentively to perform a very special mitzvah. 
On Pesach, we eat a mitzvah - matzoh. 
By eating it and digesting it, it enters into and becomes part of our entire system. 
We do this mitzvah for a long time and in many forms, as the bread of faith. 
The mitzvah cannot be undone or taken off. It is the closest possible connection with Hashem.

Answer 6:

Freedom from slavery
Faith in G-d
Gratitude to G-d

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