Dec 4, 2016

Rebbe's Message Re-Packaged

I listened to Rabbi Yitzchak Sorotzkin's address at the Aguda Convention and it was quite astonishing.  His two main points were: 1) we cannot be satisfied with our personal growth, it needs to bother us that Yidden out there are not aware of Torah and mitzvos, we need to follow Avrohom Avinu and reach out, Avrohom was loved by Hashem because he increased kvod shomayim in the world, he did not just look out for himself, when we know how many children don't know what a Gemara is how can we be complacent? Did we do everything we could to get them to recognize there is a G-d and bring them closer to Him? and 2) the chilul Hashem in the world should bother us, we should be asking for the Geula wholeheartedly and if we did, it would come already.
If not for the Litvishe world's jargon and way of putting things, I would have thought he was a representative of Chabad, conveying the Lubavitcher Rebbe's message!


  1. "... I would have thought he was a representative of Chabad".

    Indeed, because, as it turns out, ALL of the Rebbe's campaigns have become part and parcel of world Jewry. The Rebbe is here to affect ALL Jews. Note that ALL his campaigns, at first, were fiercely resisted. I remember, eg, how perturbed the Satmar group was. Even candle-lighting by young girls was resisted. Anyhow, today, ALL his campaigns have been well incorporated, including the one where everyone is talking today about Moshiach, a real phenomenon that hardly ever before could be made mention of, let alone yearning for him.

  2. I might add that even "Reform" Jews, may their numbers quickly dwindle, also have a "reach-out" agenda, albeit one based on shame or ignorance.