Aug 7, 2016

How Independent are You?

Someone in a shiur referred to a social experiment that sounded very interesting.  I looked it up and it is here.
After watching it, the question for you is, what would you have done?
I think I would have asked what they are doing, or gone over to the receptionist to ask.
The Rambam talks about the positive aspects of peer pressure and urges us to live among good people. 
There are many ways in which peer pressure is used in a good way in our frum society. 
Responses to appeals in shul are announced so that other people will be encouraged to make donations too.
When shemiras ha'lashon has become something we are all aware of, it is less likely that someone will feel comfortable sharing derogatory gossip.  In communities that dress a certain, tzniusdik way, it is less likely that people will go against the community norms.
Of course, we have our frum social pressures that are not that wonderful too.
I think this video should be seen by high school aged students, maybe even younger.  It provides a great introduction to a discussion about what we do because other people around us are doing it, for good and bad. 

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