Mar 21, 2016

Charity Fund Following Tragedy

There was a recent tragic bus crash in Israel, in which six people were killed and a kalla was seriously injured.  Shortly afterward, I saw a news item here which impressed me.
It says that a charity fund was established to help the family.  That often happens after a tragedy and depending on who was ch'v killed or hurt, I've sometimes wondered why tzedaka is being asked for. Before the tragedy, they weren't making worldwide appeals asking for funds, so why now? In other words, what about the tragedy makes it necessary to ask for money? Sometimes it is not at all clear, and it seems to take advantage of people's feeling bad over what happened and wanting to do something to help. And you feel uncomfortable piping up and asking why money is being raised.
In this case, for the first time, I see an itemized list of additional expenses that the family will have because of the crash.


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