Jan 18, 2016

You Deserve It!

Three ads in frum publications:

"Every patient deserves a masterpiece" - cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile

"Because you deserve it" - a wig

"Every girl deserves a shadchan who cares" - shadchanim for girls ages 23-30

Each of these ads rubs me wrong, even the shadchan ad.


  1. we may deserve things but then we have to pay for them

  2. Nobody deserves anything--we are entirely dependent on Hashem's chessed chinam for all our brachos. This is a pervasive and relatively recent philosophy of modern secular culture that has infiltrated the frum community as well.

  3. The ad for a shadchan is particularly awkward if not gross because of the age boundaries, as if all people of those ages must be squeezed to conform to each other, as if age is so sharp and delimiting so that a few weeks, months or years here or there is inconceivable.

    This very constraint ought to be the warning sign to STAY AWAY!

    By the way, if someone has a good idea, nay - a great idea - how to set up a good shadchan site, and I can help (as per here:
    do let me know. If I can help, I shall, bli neder.