Aug 23, 2015

Succos in China!

A full page ad in a frum magazine lets us know that if you find Eretz Yisrael boring, and don't want to go to some ho-hum location for Succos, and if staying at home is not even something you would consider, then China might just be the place for you.*

You will definitely have unique Chol Ha'Moed excursions.  Tired of the aquarium and the zoo? Don't want to go to another amusement park or apple picking? Not interested in a concert, slide show or the newest frum movie production? Think just hanging out in your succa (fulfilling a mitzvah thereby) is not exciting enough?

Well, the Great Wall of China with BBQ dinner is something different.

*for the sake of accuracy, it's not the ad said that outright; the ad just advertised Succos in China

1 comment:

  1. My kids, who are adults, were just talking about the Succos in china ad. I have a hard time imagining people with small children traveling to a place like that without the grandparents on hand. OTOH, for singles, it might be the perfect place to go. Staying home and babysitting for other people's kids is no way to spend YomTov.
    I do think that it is great that frum Jews are wealthy enough to afford that type of thing because it reassures me that all of those worthy causes that I can't afford to support can still do their good work because capable donors exist. I also feel that anyone on tuition assistance should pick the zoo or the apple picking and if they are on food stamps, at least the apple picking provides desert for the last days of yom tov. Some day the government will have the sophistication to determine if food stamp recipients are getting their passports stamped so foreign travel may spell an end to food stamps.