May 19, 2014

Mushy Nougat Chips

I'm not sure what this is a mashal for; maybe you can tell me.

I have a bottle of nougat chips.  I saw that some had melted and stuck together just by being in the pantry.  I shook the bottle, thinking that would knock them apart.  I did not pay close attention so when I didn't see the desired result, I shook it again. 

This time, to my dismay, I saw what was happening when I shook the bottle - even more nougat chips stuck together until they had formed a mass of chips!

I then spent time prying and cutting them apart and stuck the bottle of mangled chips in the freezer (the fridge would have done just as well).

So my efforts to achieve a desired result, caused the exact opposite result.  And what did I do? I continued the same, not futile but counter-productive action! Then I caught on.  And the nimshal is?


  1. We make the same mistakes repeatedly throughout life and don't seem to realize that we have to change our actions.

  2. Sounds right. Like the fly that keeps banging into the closed window in its attempt to get out.