Oct 30, 2013

"A Divine Madness"


A book with Rabbi Avigdor Miller z'l's perspective on the Holocaust has been published, posthumously.  It is quite provocative and controversial to the point that in a full-page ad, it shows the book surrounded by people's opinions:

"I would recommend this book to every Jew."

"I honestly would be terrified to give this book to a non-observant person."

"Solely defended the justice of the HaKadosh boruch Hu."

"This is a big change from the usual approach."

"I feel that this book stands at the brink of a crossroads in Jewish History.  The Jewish world can either choose to read it and take heed of its message, or carry on and reject it."

"I think this book should be banned."

"I'm buying ten copies for my children and rabbinical friends."

"Not likely to be a popular message."

"Hard to put down.  Read it in one sitting."

"The notes distracted me from the book's readability."

And the ad says: You Judge.  Your comments are appreciated.  First printing sold out. 

to be continued


  1. I get the feeling that it is a "blame the victim" book. There is nothing new about that outlook.

  2. Growing up in the frum world, the impression we got was that pre-war Jewry were mostly the finest and the frummest (even though we learned about the Maskilim).

    As for the Holocaust, I don't remember hearing a particular message in school about it. If anything, it was a message about a gezeira from heaven and about the heroism of the Jews who kept mitzvos under horrific conditions.

  3. This is one of the best books I ever read!!

  4. Come to think of it, I did have one small problem intimated by Rabbi Miller, and wrote about it here:

    but this takes nothing away from this great book. In fact, all books of Rabbi Miller, and all his tapes that kept me up late into many nights, are really great! He taught me plenty!