May 1, 2013

Simcha, Simcha, Simcha

continued from previous post

I saved an article from Mishpacha magazine from 2005 about the special lady, Mrs. Taubenfeld of New Square, who was murdered in the #2 Kosel bus bombing in August of 2003.  The article is an interview with her husband.

He said about her, "Being b'simcha was my wife's way.  Smile, make others feel good.  She said, 'If a woman cooks food with simcha, the people who eat it will be b'simcha.  If a woman makes the bed, changes the linen, and she's b'simcha, then when people go to bed, they will be b'simcha."

"When she was young, she spent a lot of time with an elderly rebbetzin, the wife of Reb Moshe Gabbai, a famous Chassidishe Yid.  For years she would visit her and every time she came home she said things like that.  'If a person sews a piece of clothing and she was b'simcha, whoever wears that begged will be b'simcha.'  My wife said this over and over again."

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