Feb 3, 2013

Not Quite Kosher Indulgence

An ad in a frum magazine:

chocolate + caramel

and it showed a bag of chocolates.

I translate this ad into:

GOT TAAVOS? Indulge in chocolate


In the same magazine an ad for a liquor store says:

Expanding your palate with select international wines

I translate this ad into:

Don't have enough taavos? Let us help you expand your repertoire.

I suspect that one of the reasons we say on Yom Kippur:

al cheit she'chatanu lifanecha b'maachal u'v'mishteh - for the sin that we sinned before You with eating and drinking, is because we indulged our cravings and expanded our palates and G-d wasn't in the picture.


  1. I wonder what future generations will say about the American Jews of this generation. At present, America is over 16 trillion in dept and who knows what the standard of living will be here in a couple of decades if the debt bubble bursts. We as a people, live way above our means and as Jewish Americans, we are not exempt. In fact, as Jews, we may be spending more than the average American family. Will this be someday regarded as an age of wasteful spending that spiraled out of control because we felt that every taava needed to be gratified?