Mar 23, 2012

Put It Back Under the Rug!

I had a good laugh today when I was discussing Jewish magazines with someone.  Way back when, a magazine with frum content was a rarity and it was treasured, said S.  Now we have so many of them and they're writing the same material.  How many times can I read a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, discovery about bi-polar, should I tell the secret - kind of story? Let's put all the problems back under the rug where they came from; a nice big rug. 

Mental illness is an important subject and S was wasn't minimizing that.  It was the highlighting and harping on it that has become annoying, at least in S's opinion.  I said - why not write a letter to the editors and tell them? S said it has been done before and it usually prompts three letters in return saying how vital it is to raise awareness, with one letter saying that a particular article saved someone's life. 

To renew or not renew the subscriptions is something the S couple discusses.  It provides material of Jewish content for the family, so they will probably renew, but other than a poignant memoir about a unique individual or a particularly nice "slice of life," S is tired of the magazines.

I still read them.  Not that I subscribe though.  I get them as hand-me-downs.  I think it's wonderful that there is much worthwhile Jewish reading material around.  I would also put in a request for less of the problems in our communities and more about the "healthy good stuff" that is going on, but I'm not tired of them yet.

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  1. I also read lots of hand me down Jewish magazines. They obviously sell more of them by feeding our need for spicy or juicy topics. Of course, reading anything continuously gives us the perspective that it is a normal part of frum life.