May 17, 2010

This time last year ...

I've asked this question to four people and so far, not one has gotten the right answer.  I'll try it on you.  What were we very preoccupied with at this time last year?


Think harder.

Give up?

Remember how every other news item seemed to be about the Swine Flu? How schools were closing? How the Experts were weighing in with their estimates about how many people would get it, how many fatalities there would be?

Hmmm ...

For those who became seriously sick and r'l, even died from it, it was serious business, but was the "pandemic" anything like what we were told it would be?  I'd like all the experts who made pessimistic pronouncements one year ago to be re-interviewed now and asked why their estimates were so way off. 

Was this a miraculous intervention thanks to our prayers and good deeds? Was it not a major threat to begin with? Was this another example of media hype like we had with SARS which did not turn into an epidemic? Did they enjoy making doomsday predictions much like meterologists who report impending blizzards with glee and who are often wrong about their forecasts? I'd like to know.  In the meantime, keep keep washing your hands.

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