Apr 12, 2010

ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder - When Parents' Attention is Deficient

Lazer Brody, a Breslover Chassid and the translator of the immensely popular "The Garden of Emuna" has an opinion about ADD/ADHD which is refreshing.  In his experience of counseling parents about children's issues, he has seen a high correlation between those diagnoses with these pseudo-illnesses and lack of attention at home.  In other words, the attention which is lacking is primarily that of the parents, and not the child!

He "prescribes" one-on-one attention for the child with no siblings around and the transformation is amazing.  He says that at least three dozen children of his readers have rendered the use of Ritalin superfluous in this way. 

Is it not tragic, make that criminal, that children are made to be the victims of their parents' poor parenting to the extent that they are labeled as sick with a disease that requires medication? There would be more of an outcry if parents weren't only too happy to give their kid a pill rather than give their child what he really needs.  It's much easier to medicate than to give of oneself.

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