Feb 11, 2010

What drives us?


I read that according to one popular author, the 5 most common things that drive our lives are: guilt, anger, fear, materialism, and approval.

Sounds too bleak to me. I would include love-connection.   And search for meaning.

What do you think drives us?


  1. From a yiddishe perspective or not?

  2. If you have two different answers (for yiddish and not), let's hear them! :)

  3. I know this is old but I'll comment anyway.

    In addition to what you wrote,
    Belief in G-d
    The desire to better oneself
    for those with families the need to provide.
    I'll take from the author, approval too. I don't think that's necessarily bad however, it can be a good thing too.

    The author you quoted has focused on negative drives and yes they do come into play but I don't think they do any more then positive drives. For some yes, for others no.
    So yes, it's a very bleak outlook.

  4. I appreciate comments on any of the posts :)

    re drives - you added some good ones.